Food & Nutrition

It is the Policy at Busy Bees to promote a healty lifestyle through a healthy approach to eating patterns. We comply with current regualtions including the Childcare (Pre-School Services no2) regulations 2006 and Food Hygiene regulations.

Healthy Eating

  • A Balanced Diet is provided with nutritious food,
  • Sweets, Crisps chewing gum and nuts are banned
  • Special Dietary Requiments of children are met
  • An adults always sits with children at meal times to encourage good eating habils and stimulate conversation to enhance the quality of interaction
  • Tables are set and children are encouraged to take part in their own clear up from wobblers on

Allergan information isprovidedwith Menus, view our MENU with particular attention to

  1. Cereals containing Gluten
  2. wheat based products
  3. eggs
  4. fish, in particular crustaceans
  5. peanuts and products therof
  6. soybeans
  7. Milk

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