Montessori (3yrs – 5 yrs)

Montessori (3yrs – 5 yrs)

  • Busy Bees Creche and Montessori, Kilkenny
  • Busy Bees Creche and Montessori, Kilkenny
  • Busy Bees Creche and Montessori, Kilkenny
  • Busy Bees Creche and Montessori, Kilkenny
  • Busy Bees Creche and Montessori, Kilkenny
  • Busy Bees Creche and Montessori, Kilkenny

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Moving from Nursery to 'big' School is a huge step for your child. We help your child to prepare for a successful transition and also for future success in school and life.

We encourage children to think for themselves and with gentle guidance and the curriculum we follow, children become adept at problem solving, and working together. Their confidence grows as positive reinforcement and nurturing each child’s social skills ensures a bright beneficial and very busy year which ensures a smooth transition to one of the big milestones for everyone involved as they embrace the School World.

Children attend either :

Full time basis (3 hours free as part of their day)
Morning session 9am - 12 noon (free)
Afternoon session 2pm - 5pm (free)

Busy Bees Montessori classes encourage children intellectually, physically emotionally and socially to prepare children to meet the excpectations that both primary schools and parents have for readiness for school.

Language skills: includes listening reading speaking, Irish, and French/Spanish, nursery ryhmes writing and school plays. We also have visits from the COUNTY MOBILE LIBRARY.

Maths skills: focuses on counting, sorting, pattern recognition and problem solving.

Science and nature: encourages children to ask questions, explore, experiment and actively involve themselves in science and nature, includes our exploring and nature walks.

Creativity: Allows children to express themselves through art music dance and theatre, either their own plays or our yearly visits to BARNSTORM THEATRE COMPANY

Social skills: promotes a self awareness and contentment within a child. allowing them to listen to others, to take turns, focus and nurture a deep respect for themselves.

They will be able to pour a drink, understand their own space, put on their own coats and instill an independence ensuring a smooth and successful transition to primary school.

Children are listened to, encouraged and develop a deep bond with their carers/teachers at this stage of their lives, culminating in an emotional end of year play and graduation day for all involved.

Children who remain for the full day, continue on to a play based remainder of the day, which includes arts and crafts, music, sand/water play, board games and the all important outdoor play. The children also have the opportunity to opt out when tired in the chill zone.


A huge THANK YOU to you all for your kindness, support and caring towards Ann over the past 8 years.

Anna's Mum
Anna and Anna's Mum busy bees creche kilkenny

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