Babies (up to 12 months)

Babies (up to 12 months)

Our Baby Room is designed to aid your baby's developmental and nurturing needs. This is a large bright room with items of interest in various sections of the room, which together with textural and natural materials aids movement and development. Babies have their own kitchen, Changing room and Sleep room which promotes a quieter calmer environment. The Baby room as with other rooms has direct acess to the garden and are taken on regular walks in the double buggies, weather permitting. The Influences of Montessori and Naionra can be seen in this room with little hands moving towards dexterity, numeracy and literacy.

Parents develop and foster a relationship with the person who will care for their child for that period of development allowing parents witness first hand the special bond that develops between carer and baby. The staff member minding your baby will support him or her in developing a positive sense of their own identity and culture. Carers will identify any need for additional support, keep your baby safe, and observe their development, learning which enables them plan for next stages.

All information on babies day is reported verbally and also into the feedback book daily, ensuring no one misses babies milestones. Feedback books are available through to pre-montessori age. Should you wish for us to send photos of your babies day, we are happy to do so via email.



A huge THANK YOU to you all for your kindness, support and caring towards Ann over the past 8 years.

Anna's Mum
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