Naionrai at Busy Bees


Naionrai at Busy Bees Loch Bui, opened in September 2014 and proved a really sucessful year. A Naionai is a playgroup run through Irish for children aged 3-5 years, who attend daily for 3 or more hours in a pleasant, cheerful and safe environment under the guidance of a Stiurthoir (leader)This group avails of the Free Preschool Year, but anyone between the ages of 2.5 and 5 may attend. 

Children hear irish being spoken at all times by the Stiurthoir Naionrai. This method is known as Early Immersion Education allowing each child learn through a second language (in this case irish). The Stiurthoir undersands everything the child says in his first language but answers him/her in the seond language while providing him/her with the necessary vocabulary in the second language.

Immersion Education is regarding as the most effective means of learning a second language.

The BENEFITS of a Biingual Education 

  • A higher competency level is achievable in both languages
  • greater academic sucess
  • a solid grounding for children entering primary school, when immersion is through irish
  • Cognitive benefits
  • Broader understanding of different cultures

As Naionrai Busy Bees as Loch Bui is a recognised FNT Naionrai, we fit the criteria for children to be accepted into our local Gaelscoil Osrai. Also the children attending english speaking primary schools have a solid base on which to work as they explore the irish language in their 'big schools'